Southern Storm

Terri Blackstock’s sequel to Cape Refuge is compelling and suspenseful.  In Southern Storm a terrible storm is bearing down on the island, and Chief of Police Cade is everywhere trying to protect and serve his community.  On his way to a new location he accidentally hits a pedestrian with his car.

Cover of "Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Ser...

Cover of Southern Storm (Cape Refuge Series #2)

When it is discovered that the man was shot the investigation is kicked into high gear, and then Cade disappears.  Witnesses remember him speaking to a woman and getting into her car.  But Blair can’t accept that he has just disappeared.  Even after a note arrives stating that he decided to go and get married to a girl he’d been dating Blair thinks he’s been kidnapped.

As she has to face the truth she realizes that she loves him, and unless she can find him and accept Christ that there is no future at all for her.  Then begins her desperate race against time to prove Cade is innocent of the charges being leveled at him in his absence.

Will Cade be found in time?  Will Blair begin to accept Christ as her Savior?

It’s a great story, and very clean since it is Christian fiction.



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