Danger in the Shadows

Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson was another book recommended by my sister.   She has been telling me about the O’Malley series for years, and I finally remembered to look for them at the library.  Danger in the Shadows is the prequel to the series.  Apparently Dee Henderson loved her characters and wanted to give them their own story, and I am very grateful!

Sara is a survivor, but she is haunted by her past.  When she was six she and her twin sister were kidnapped in front of Dave, their older brother.  Sara made it, but her sister died.  And the man responsible never got apprehended.  Now he is hunting Sara, and Dave, now a FBI agent, is trying to protect her.

Things are fairly under control until Sara meets Adam Black, a handsome former NFL player turned businessman.  She lives her life under an assumed name is the shadows while he is almost always in the spotlight.  Even though she knows the dangers of falling in love with Adam, Sara can’t seem to help herself.  Adam has no idea of her background or the danger he might be putting her in just because of who he is.

Their worst fears are realized when it becomes apparent that Sara’s newest identity has been compromised.  Dave is desperately working to solve the case when he discovers that Sara has decided to go the offensive.  She allows herself to remember her captor’s face and draws a picture which leads to an amazing ending.

This is an absolutely fabulous book.  Even if you don’t like Christian fiction this book is worth reading.  I cannot wait to read the rest of the series and any other books that Dee Henderson has written.


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