Watch out for Femmes Fatal

The fourth installment of the Ellie Haskell series is Femmes Fatal by Dorothy Cannell.  It is hilarious!  Who knew that sexy was so dangerous!  It begins:

“Ladies, has the love light gone out of your marriage?  Are you asking,Where have all the flowers gone?  Become the woman he always wanted by phoning Fully Female today for your Free confidential consultation with one of our fully accredited staff members.”

Of course such an advertisement is guaranteed to catch Ellie’s eye and prey upon her insecurities.  She still has moments when she can’t believe that Bentley Haskell really is attracted to her, especially post pregnancy sleep deprived her!  So she goes to a consultation and drags along Mrs. Malloy, her house cleaner, who has a crush on Walter Fisher.

Apparently all the women in town have decided to become Fully Female and things get really interesting when one dies in the bath tub….  Then a husband drops dead, or rather falls dead.  Ellie begins to think her involvement is not such a great idea.  But when Miss Thorn is found dead things are decidedly not right.  Then Mrs. Malloy begins to pop in and out of the picture, fearfully avoiding Mr. Fisher.

Can Ellie solve the mystery and save her marriage?  Or will she learn that physical attraction and intimacy are not the only thing that make a marriage work.

This is a fun book to read, but there is a serious side to it.  It’s like Dorothy Cannell was trying to make the point that marriages should be built on more than just sex.  The best marriages in the book are the ones that seem to survive the whole Fully Female course.  Eliie learns that she and Ben are okay, even when they are dealing with newborns and babies.

It’s a fun book, and not too graphic.  While it is about spicing up your love life, it doesn’t get into intimate details that made me uncomfortable.  Some of the situations are hilarious.


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