Don’t Keep The Penguin Who Knew Too Much On Ice

Ever since I read Murder With Puffins I have been a fan of Donna Andrews.  Each book I read just reaffirms that she is a great writer with a penchant for hilarious situations.  The last installment I read in her Meg Langslow series was equally funny.  The Penguin Who Knew Too Much is a fantastic read.

In The Penguin Who Knew Too Much Donna Andrews borrows an idea from Mr. Popper’s Penguins and makes it entirely her own in the most comical way possible.  Meg and Michael find their basement full of penguins through no fault of their own.  As usually is the case Meg need not look further than her own family for the fishy odor that comes with penguins.  It’s all her dad’s fault.

The local zoo is having financial trouble, and the owner has farmed out all his exotic animals to the citizens of the county.  As the animal sitters become overwhelmed they begin dropping the animals off at Meg’s house because no one can find the owner.  The big bum has disappeared.

Of course this is all happening while Meg hosts the family Memorial Day party, during which she and Michael plan to elope.  What a sneaky way to have a reception without having to plan a wedding!  What can go wrong?

It all goes south when her dad tries to build a pool in the basement for the penguins.  He finds a fresh body instead, and all bets are off.  Adding to this complication is the famous Dr. Blake, a famous animal planet personality who knows too much personal information about Meg.

It all ties together into a great story with a fabulous ending.  You don’t want to miss out on this book!

This book is very readable with only a mild word here or there.


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