Romance Abounds in Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil

Whew, this book is an experience.  Lori Shepard is sensitive to ghosts.  We all know that because she regularly communicates with Aunt Dimity via the blue journal.  What we didn’t know is that her experiences with Aunt Dimity made it possible for her to be possessed! Yikes!  What is going on in Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil?

Lori goes to Scotland to do a favor for her old boss.  In a rainstorm she gets lost and literally looses everything when her car disappears into a ravine.  In true heroine fashion she is saved by a dashing handsome and single man named Adam.  (Lori seems to have a problem with a roving eye….  Poor Bill!)

Adam gets her to the mansion that is her destination, but really weird things keep happening.  Are her hosts/employers really happily married?  Why is Jared so decidedly odd?  And what does a love affair from World War I have to do with the present?  A whole lot is there is an unhappy ghost hanging around the ancestral place.

It’s kind of kooky, but it is a fun read.  It delves slightly into the realm of the paranormal, but when Aunt Dimity is a ghost, what can you really expect.  I don’t remember there being too much in the way of bad language, but Lori does find herself in a situation or two that is unbecoming to a married woman.  That said, there aren’t any bedroom scenes to worry about.


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