The Negotiator is a Must Read

Dee Henderson has another great book in the very first of her O’Malley series.  The Negotiator tells the story of Kate, the oldest girl in the group that call themselves the O’Malley family.  It’s fantastic and compelling.

Kate O’Malley is a cop who specializes in hostage situations.  One day she gets called to a bank to negotiate with a man.  It just so happens that Dave Richman (Danger in the Shadows) is there as a hostage, and he’s willing to help however he can as a FBI agent.  Sparks fly between the two of them.

There’s just two or three problems.  Kate has vowed to never date another cop.  Dave has vowed to marry a Christian, which she isn’t.  If that wasn’t enough someone keeps sending Kate black roses and implicates her in the bombing of an airline.  Obviously the problems are the plot, but it is the variety of keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-turning-the-pages kind of good plot.

It is also a Christian fiction novel which means it is clean.  No worries about language or bedroom scenes.  Kate obviously struggles to accept Christianity given her back story of abused and removed from her home as a child.  She has a hard time figuring out why God would allow such terrible things to happen.

If you appreciate a good mystery and a good story, this is a must read.  Kate’s struggle with Christianity is part of the story, but it shouldn’t be a reason not to read it for anyone who isn’t Christian.

I loved it, and I am excited to move onto The Guardian, which is next in this series.


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