Cockatiels at Seven

Donna Andrews seems to have a thing for bird titles when it comes to her Meg Langslow mysteries.  It’s amazing to me how she managed to write so many mysteries with a bird twist.  Cockatiels at Seven is her ninth installment in the Meg Langslow series, and it is as good as the rest of them.

By now you should know that Meg gets into her scrapes by never saying no to people.  So when a friend she hasn’t seen in a year or two shows up and asks her to babysit her toddler for a little bit of course Meg says yes.  After all, what’s a couple of hours in the grand scheme of things?

By the end of the day she’s frantically searching for her friend Karen, who has apparently abandoned Timmy at Meg’s house.  Meg’s search for Karen drags her into a police investigation at Karen’s apartment and place of employment.  Eventually a body turns up.  It always does when Meg’s family is involved.

Will Meg find out what happened to Karen?  Will she be stuck with the toddler forever?  He’s pretty cute, by the way.

Having Timmy around complicates Meg’s life, but it might be just the ammunition that Michael needed to convince her that they need to have their own children ASAP.  She learns to love Timmy and warms up to the idea, but Donna Andrews ended the story before we find out if Meg decides to go for it.

I wonder if Meg having babies will put an end to her investigating?  I’ll be sorry to see her go if it does.  I really enjoy these books.

There are a few words in this book of the more mild kind.  Other than that it is clean as a whistle and just begging to be read.


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