Who Can Resist Eat Cake

The one things that would make this book better is if it came with a slice of some of the cakes Ruth makes during the book.  Its title is very appropriate.  Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray is a story of a finding and following a dream while keeping your relationships in tact or even improving them.  The fact that the dream is cake is just frosting on the, well, cake.

Ruth is quietly living in her home.  Her husband is a hospital administrator.  Her daughter is a 16-year-old junior in high school with the tolerance of a simmering volcano.  Her mother has moved in with them to deal with the fear she feels after her house is broken into.  It’s a quiet life, and Ruth finds peace and comfort in baking fabulous cakes.

One day everything changes.  Her husband loses his job.  Her father calls and needs a place to live since he has broken both of his wrists.  Her mother practically has hysterics because she hates Ruth’s father.  In other words, Ruth’s peaceful life is now a shambles.

When her husband begins to dream about building boats for his new livelihood, Ruth decides it is up to her to earn money to seep everything together.  When she starts she ends of bringing her family closer together as they all pitch in to help.  After all family and love are what matter most.

It’s a fun read.  It even has the recipes for the cakes that Ruth makes.  There are no explicit scenes, but there are a few instances of swearing.


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