Watch out for Aunt Dimity: Detective

Aunt Dimity: Detective is the seventh installment in Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity series.  Like her previous novels, this story is a mystery.  It’s a pretty good one too.  I never guessed the culprit responsible for killing the nasty old Pruneface Hooper.

Lori and the twins return to their home in Finch after a three-month stay in America where they visited Bill’s family.  She is aghast to learn that there has been a murder in the village while she is gone.  While she was gone, Prunella Hooper moved into and was such a nasty biddy that she earned herself the nickname Pruneface.  She’s been killed and the villagers claim that none of them saw anything the morning she died.

Lori is appalled that one of her neighbors is a murderer.  Then she shares the news with the ghostly Aunt Dimity. Aunt Dimity is shocked and gives Lori the mission of finding the murderer.  She writes, “The murder must be found.  Crime has a way of contaminating all who come into contact with it.  We mustn’t allow the infection to spread.”  As I read that I thought to myself that it pretty much sums up what crime and tolerance of crime does to a society.  High five Aunt Dimity!

But, back to the story….

Lori begins to investigate with the help on Nicholas Fox, the very intriguing and attractive nephew of the Buntings.  Of course Lori begins to be attracted to him.  This is a trait that I don’t find very admirable in Lori.  In each book she is attracted to someone and has to fight against being unfaithful.  I think it is time for Nancy Atherton to shake it up a little and let Bill and Lori have a book together again where they are only attracted to each other.  That would be a refreshing change.

Anyway, as Lori and Nicholas begin to look into things they find lots of secrets but no answer to the identity of the murder.  The only person they can’t find is Mr. Barlow.  They figure out where everyone was the morning in question except him.  No one can find Mr. Barlow.  Is he guilty?

The ending of this mystery is reminiscent of Agatha Christie herself.  It was fantastic.  So good that you have to read it.

There weren’t any explicit scenes and if there was any language it was very mild.  


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