Shot by The Camera-Shy Cupid

The Camera-Shy Cupid, by Mary Fanjoy Reid, is a short fun little romance set in the world of television and actors.  Bree is a script reader who comes across an amazing script just before she is very reluctantly pulled onto a tv show as an extra.  She gets paired up with Richard Bell who keeps murmuring the names of fruit at her.  Thoroughly confused Bree keeps forgetting that she is needs to be quiet and makes them retake the scene several times.

Instead of being fired she is offered another job, along with Richard.  Things are progressing nicely until Philippe Descartes, a rich French advertising executive shows up and tries to sweep Bree off her feet.  In the mean time Bree just wants to go back to her old job and discover who is writing these wonderful scripts that keep coming in.

Will true love run smooth?  Will Bree be able to figure out just who she loves in time to do anything about it?

It’s a fun and clean romance novel.  It’s an Avalon Romance so that means it contains no explicit scenes or bad words. 


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I love to read books and blog about whatever strikes my fancy. I get plenty of blogging inspiration from my family and life itself. Check it out my different blogs!
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