Are You Invisible? Calling Invisible Women

Have you ever felt like no one really notices you any more?  Do you ever felt like everyone takes you for granted?  Have you ever wondered if anyone would notice if you disappeared?  I think most us can probably relate to that from different times in our lives.  Jeanne Ray took those thoughts and imagined a full-blown invisible woman in her book Calling Invisible Women.

Clover is a wife and mother in her early fifties the morning she wakes up and realizes that she is, in fact, invisible.  This is no Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.  It isn’t a question of whether she is or isn’t invisible (or a cockroach if you are reading Metamorphosis).  Clover is in very fact invisible, although she figuratively feels that way before she actually looses her appearance.

She is shocked when her husband and son do not notice that there is not a face or hands to go with the clothes floating around the house.  She feels even worse when her best friends immediately notices.   This is where the figurative feeling of invisible takes on so many levels of meaning!

One day she notices a strange advertisement in the newspaper calling all invisible women to a meeting at the Sheraton Hotel.  She goes, curiosity piqued, only to discover that she is not alone.  There are other invisible women and they know WHY they are invisible.  Then begins a journey or rediscovering herself, rebuilding her relationships, saving a few lives, and taking on the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country.  She uses her invisibility to empower herself.

It’s an intriguing story.  Although, I must say the thought of traveling undetected by virtue of being naked seems rather unseemly to me.  Ick and double Ick!  I will admit that I kept thinking how very unhygienic it was.

There were two or three instances of some very foul language, mostly from the younger generation.  Other than that it was a pretty good story and an interesting take on being invisible.


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