A Kiss in Time

This modern-day remake of Sleeping Beauty has its moments.  A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn is written for young adults.  It’s another book I borrowed from my daughter’s library pile.  It’s basically Sleeping Beauty, but instead of a prince in the 1700s kissing her it is a 17 year-old slacker from America.

This, of course, leads to all sorts of complications.  In the 300 years that the people and the animals have been asleep all the crops have died.  There is no trade for the tiny kingdom to fall back on.  In fact they aren’t even sure if there is a kingdom anymore.  Add to this the fact that the princess has absolutely no prospects for a marriage and you get one very frustrated king.

The princess has been basically locked up her whole life for fear of the spindle so all she wants to do is travel the world with her true love.  After all Jack’s kiss woke her up.  He must be her true love?  Right?  Maybe…

Ack!  It’s a fairy tale turned on its head. It manages to be so familiar and yet be its own story.  That takes some skill.

I loved my daughter’s reaction to some of it.  The fact that Jack kissed a sleeping girl just creeped her out completely.  She wanted to know what kind of guy takes advantage of a sleeping girl.  Hmmm… did that just ruin two or three fairy tales?  When I asked her about it she said that in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty the princes met the girls before they kissed them.  Whew!  My fairy tales aren’t so creepy after all!

I also didn’t really like the fact that Jack was such a mess.  He drank, he’d tried pot (before the story began), he wanted to go to Europe’s topless beaches.  He doesn’t sound like any boy that I want around my daughters or my son, for that matter.  Being a fairy tale he does change to be more worthy of the innocent and pure princess, who unwittingly gets drunk at a party….

This is making me wonder if there are any good books out there with good values for my daughter to read.  At least there wasn’t any real swearing in the book.  I’m out on a limb with this one.  I enjoyed the story, but the details are a little iffy!


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