On Vacation With Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday

After reading Aunt Dimity: Detective I went on a little rant about how Lori needed to spend some time with her husband instead of falling for some other guy briefly…  So when I picked up Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday and discovered that Lori and Bill go together on a holiday I felt kind of vindicated.  Until she still struggles briefly with being attracted to another handsome guy, that is.

Lori and Bill accompany Derek and Emma Harris to the estate of Derek’s father.  Bill goes as a lawyer, and Lori goes because Emma thinks someone might try to kill Derek, who she just discovered is the heir apparent of his father the Earl.   It’s a working holiday for everyone.

Enter a country estate, a few poison pen letters, a few brushes with death, a handsome man who makes advances at Lori, which she has to heroically resist, and a family fight that threatens to explode and you have the latest installment in the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton.

It is whimsical and funny.  It’s pretty clean too.  I think there might be a few mild words.  And maybe it is just me, but this book seems to point out that without communication you can’t have a strong and functioning family with ties of love.

It’s a good book.




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