The Week Before the Wedding is Something Else

This is the first time I have ever read anything by Beth Kendrick.  I thought the blurb for her novel, The Week Before the Wedding, sounded interesting so I checked it out.  I mean, Emily is scheduled to marry a comfortable surgeon when the ex love of her life and former husband shows up at the same resort, yes you guessed it, a week before the wedding.

The plot line is fairly easy to sum up.  Emily has to decide whether she will settle for a life of comfortable easy love with Grant, whom she will see occasionally as he is a transplant surgeon, or a life of passion with Ryan her former husband who has grown up into a successful and responsible man.  With Grant she will finally achieve the drama free life she has always dreamed of, except she’ll have to live up to her in-laws expectations.  With Ryan she will be able to be herself, embracing her past and molding a future with the man she fell for in college.

I guess this is a novel about being yourself and learning to give love a chance.  It was okay.  I didn’t appreciate the sharp dividing line between the stereotypical country club, image conscious, wealthy family and the care free easy (in more than one way!) life style that made having a good time be the priority.  I don’t think you can divide things so starkly in real life.

I also think the author’s idea of being true to yourself doesn’t allow a person to change and grow.  I am not the same person I was in college.  I have changed and matured, and I am sure that some of my personality traits are different because of things I have experienced.  It seemed like Beth Kendrick couldn’t allow Emily that same opportunity so that the life she had lived since leaving Ryan had been a lie, a denial of her true self.

The book is okay.  It does have profanity issues.  It comes pretty close to have explicit scenes, but thankfully it doesn’t quite get there.  I’m not sure I enjoyed it enough to ever look for another book by Beth Kendrick.


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