Insurgent is an Improvement

When I read Veronica Roth’s Divergent I was not overly impressed by several elements of her story.  I didn’t care for the tattooing, the over abundance of kissing, or the drunkenness portrayed in the story.  The plot itself was good enough that I wanted to read the second book Insurgent.  On my last trip to the library I found it.  That is such a nice feeling when the book you want is actually at the library so you don’t have to wait!

In this book Tris, Tobias, and a few others band together to try to stop the Erudite faction from taking over.  They end up jumping from faction to faction, and even the factionless play a role.  Both of them face tough personal decisions that challenge the commitment they have for each other.  And ultimately they have to learn to trust each other to accomplish their goal of bringing down the Erudite.

There isn’t time for tattoos and drinking in this continuation of the series.  Even the kissing went down a notch, but I think their *ahem* passion when they kiss reached new levels.  My daughter expressed disgust at it.  She seems to think that saying they kissed is enough.  I think she’s pretty much right.

I enjoyed the story.  It raced along with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns.  When I was finished I was ready to go and find the third one.  Sadly all the copies at the library were already checked out.  What a bummer.  Hmm… where’s my Kindle?


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