Second Thursday Circle

The last trip to the library was quite productive.  I knew my husband was going to be out-of-town so I stocked up on books to read at night when the kids were in bed.  I branched out and checked out several books by authors that I have never heard of, although that doesn’t really mean anything.   Second Thursday Circle by Charlotte Schreck Burns happened to be one I picked up.

The brief synopsis on the back says, “The discovery of her late husband’s infidelity sends Maggie Gilpin into a frenzy of disasters – the naked man taken from her home by ambulance, losing her heart to the wrong man, and a bitter confrontation with the step-daughter she didn’t know she had.  She provides the ladies of her Second Thursday Circle with scandals and gossip on her way to a relationship that will add to her hard-won independence and happiness.”

The story deals with loss, the discovery of secrets, and the value of good friends.  I enjoyed it up to the point where she allowed herself to fall for a married man and decided to sleep with him.  Ick!  That will never be okay in my book.

I don’t remember for sure, but I am fairly certain that there are some instances of foul language.  There is also the whole adultery issue.  This book is just okay.


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