The Banishment is Entertaining

For the past year or so I have been seeing books and more books by Marion Chesney at the library, and I finally checked one out.  The Banishment is the first book in her Regency series called The Daughters of Mannerling.

Sir William Beverley and his wife have six beautiful ornamental daughters.  They all live Mannerling, in the most beautiful house in England, until Sir William gambles it away.  They are then forced to move into a small house and learn to live a life of comparative poverty.  All of them long to regain their home and fortune.

Isabella, the oldest daughter, has the opportunity to “catch” the new owner of Mannerling.  Her parents and her sisters are pushing her towards such a match.  It is what she wants to do until she meets Lord Fitzpatrick, an Irishman who is unacceptable to her family.

Isabella has to choose between her old home and her heart.  It’s a fun little story.  It’s a quick read, with a twist or two that has you hoping that Isabella can be wise enough to choose happiness.  It is not a hard book to read, and it is a clean decent book too.


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