Andre Norton’s Wraiths of Time

I read several of Andre Norton’s book as I was growing up.  The first one I ever read was out of desperation one day when I just wanted something new to read.  After reading that one book I was hooked on Andre Norton.  I’ve enjoyed her books ever since.

This time I read Wraiths of Time.  It tells the story of Tallahassee Mitford, a young black archaeologist working in a museum.   She is asked to identify an ancient ivory box which is inlaid with gold.  As she examines it she feels a sense of disaster, and for a very good reason.

She finds herself transported into another dimension into the Nubian kingdom of Meroe.  She is coerced into pretending that she is a princess of that kingdom. who she just happens exactly resemble.  Tallahassee is then thrust into this world in the middle of a power struggle that she doesn’t understand and forced to save the world as the inhabitants know it.

It’s an intriguing look at an alternate reality.  Andre Norton’s plot is imaginative and strikingly her own.  As I read it I wondered if I could adapt so easily to having my life turned completely upside down.  It’s a good book.


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