I Love Love Love Crocodile on the Sandbank

This post has to start with a shout out to my mother since it is because of her recommendation that I ever discovered Amelia Peabody.  Thanks Mom!  This marks the third time I have read the Amelia Peabody series, and they only improve every time I read them.

The series by Elizabeth Peters begins with Crocodile on the Sandbank.  Amelia is a single woman in her early thirties when her father dies and leaves her a comfortable fortune.  It’s the 1880s, and Amelia defies the conventions by deciding to travel to Egypt instead of marrying one of the fortune hunters that flock around her.

In Rome she rescues a fallen lady named Evelyn and convinces her to travel with her as a companion.  This turns out to be the very best thing that Amelia has ever done.  She and Evelyn become true friends as they travel, and the only thing that can ever be better than a true friend is true love.

In Egypt the two women encounter the Emerson brothers, two English archaeologists on a dig, and Evelyn’s cousin Lord Lucas.  Lucas pleads and pleads with Evelyn to marry him because it will repair her reputation, but Evelyn has other ideas.

Things begin to get really interesting when Amelia and Evelyn stop at Amarna and discover that Radcliffe, the oldest Emerson brother, is terribly ill with a fever.  Amelia moves right in and takes over as she nurses the irascible man back to health.  Just when he is getting back on his feet a mysterious animated mummy shows up and begins to terrorize the site.

It begins to look like a matter or life or death and it’s up to Amelia and Radcliffe (or Peabody and Emerson, as they call each other) to solve the mystery.

The book has many hilarious parts, and each rereading makes it dearer as you begin to see the irony of many of Amelia’s actions.  I love Crocodile on the Sandbank and Amelia Peabody.  All of you ought to check her out in this debut novel.

This book may contain a few mild words, but no inappropriate scenes are present.


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