The Darcys of Pemberley

I confessed a couple of posts ago about my urge to read Jane Austen fan fiction.  The last one left such a terrible taste in my mouth that I was quite surprised at myself for wanting to read The Darcys of Pemberley by Shannon Winslow.  Then I decided to go for it, since it couldn’t possibly be worse than Pemberley by Emma Tennant.  I was right.  It is better than the last.

The timing aspects of this book are right on so Shannon Winslow is obviously familiar with Pride and Prejudice.  The characters of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are more like themselves too, which helps make this a better book.  All in all I liked it even if I don’t agree altogether with some of the plot elements.

The plots really set itself apart from any other Austen fan fiction I have ever read.  It begins with Mr. Collins dying, which I think was absolutely brilliant.  Who would want to have to write about his character and think up the kind of gross flattery necessary to his conversation?  Of all the characters in Pride and Prejudice I think he is the one I would want to write the absolute least.  So he gets bumped off in a very ignominious manner, as befits his horribleness.  It’s rather funny.

Of course Elizabeth and Jane are busy settling in as new matrons.  Jane gets pregnant first, and then Elizabeth.  The Bingley sisters are still rather beastly creatures.  Mr. Bingley turns out to be the kind of father that every woman wants to have for her children, and Mr. Darcy is reduced to a pile of mush by his own child.  To be the practically perfect man he is he would have to dote on his children.

Wickham is only more odious than ever and turns out to be even viler than one might imagine.  The most fantastic plot twists revolve around him.  While I don’t quite see this as something Austen would have written I can see where Shannon Winslow got the seeds for his more than caddish behavior.  He was quite the scoundrel.

Georgiana Darcy comes into her own in this novel, and her struggles and ending are quite appropriate.  I loved how Shannon Winslow managed her happiness.

It really is a fun read.  If you like Jane Austen fan fiction, than you will mostly likely love this novel.  The Kindle version is only $3.99.  I don’t remember any foul language or explicit scenes.


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