Aunt Dimity: Snowbound

This book was quite appropriate for the weather when I read it.  It was cold and icy, and not even a whole week later we were icebound.  Maybe I need to go read something about getting enough rain to break a drought, but not the account of Noah and the Ark.  I’d rather be stuck in the house because of ice than be inundated by a flood of epic proportions.

In Aunt Dimity: Snowbound Nancy Atherton has her two lovable ladies up to their eyebrows in snow and a mystery that dates back to World War II.  While Lori does the snooping on the earthly plane Aunt Dimity does her best attempt at guiding Lori to the truth and keeping her from the clutch of yet another handsome man.

Lori overdid the Christmas holidays.  After nearly two months of solid merry-making she’s exhausted and ready to explode if one of the twins sings yet another Christmas carol.  Emma comes to her rescue, like a best friend is supposed to, and convinces her to go hiking alone next day.  Lori becomes excited by the prospect of solitude and nature so she agrees and sets off the next day.

Well, hiking in February is risky business especially if you get lost.  Lori gets lost and the blizzard of the century hits just as she discovers Ladythorne Abbey.  Coincidentally enough two other hikers find themselves stranded at Ladythorne Abbey as the snow continues to fly.  Even stranger is the fact that all three of them are Americans.

Ladythorne’s caretaker provides them with shelter, food, and whatever warmth they can get by fire.  Lori is appalled at the fact that one of the hikers seems to be packing the tools of a burglar in her backpack.  Aunt Dimity is appalled that the other hiker is a single and very good-looking man who seems intent on keeping Lori as much company as possible.

Will Lori blunder into a life threatening situation when the Calvary is snowbound?  Or will she be able to straighten out a mystery that has plagued Ladythorne Abbey for a half a century and drove the former owner into madness?

I don’t remember if there was any foul language.  If there was it was very mild.  There are not any explicit scenes to worry about.  It’s a fun book, easy to read.


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