The Truth Seeker is Great

I will be forever indebted to my sister for introducing me to the O’Malley series by Dee Henderson.  The Truth Seeker is the fourth book I have read of the series, and it is just as gripping and intense as the other three I have read.  In fact I think I’m grateful I don’t have to go through the intense trials that these characters go through to find love and Christ.

The Truth Seeker is the story of Lisa, the youngest of the O’Malley siblings, as she faces one of the toughest investigations of her life and the possibility of true love.  After a fatality in a fire Lisa asks her brother Jack to walk her through the scene.  She has to decide if the victim was accidentally killed or if it was a homicide.  Forensically it all seems to point at accidental, but details surrounding the death of a pet cat eat at the edge of her consciousness.

In the mean time Quinn, a friend of the family, has finally gotten a lead in the col case of his father’s murder.  As he follows up on his clues he finds them leading him back to Chicago and into the life of Lisa, who he admires enormously and wants to befriend.

Then one day he goes with Lisa to the crime scene of the fire and their lives are changed forever when she falls through the floor.  Quinn finds himself in an untenable position.  He is Christian and falling in love with a unbeliever.  Lisa, on the other hand, is finding that she relishes his quiet strength and the effect his prayers are having on her, but she still can’t share her darkest secrets.

Will they solve their cases before one of them is lost forever?  And can Lisa face her doubts and fears to find the faith so necessary for her happiness?

It’s a lovely book, written in gripping detail.  In fairness I have to point out that the basic plot is very similar to her other books, but the details and twists are enough to set it apart and make it Lisa and Quinn’s story.

As a Christian book the foul language and explicit scenes are non existent.  And anyone who likes a gripping suspense or mystery will love this book, even if you don’t enjoy “preachy” Christian books.  While faith is relevant to the plot it is not the plot.


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