Everyone Needs to Read Mitchell Goes Bowling

Mitchell Goes Bowling is one of the best children’s books that I have recently read.  I laugh and smile every time I read it, and I will admit that I have read it several times and checked it out twice.  Mitchell Goes Bowling is written by Hallie Durand and illustrated by Tony Fucile.  Everyone can enjoy this book and its fabulous illustrations, no matter their age.

In this charming book Mitchell is a four-year old wrecking ball.  He loves to knock over everything.  The day he tries to knock over Dad he gets taken to this place where you are allowed to knock things over and there are great loud crashes to be heard.  Mitchell never knew about bowling, but he is already a big fan.

He meets the gutter and then knocks over a few pins.  That calls for a “Battle on!”  Then his Dad gets an X and another X and does a “steamin’-hot-potato dance.”  Mitchell tries to copy his dad’s moves and they net him exactly nothing.  Just as he is ready to give up Dad asks if they can be on the same team.  Hallie Durand has written a sweet story of working together.

The illustrations are priceless.  Tony Fucile has captured Mitchell’s emotions so well that readers are able to easily identify with Mitchell and his struggle.  The steamin’-hot-potato dance was incredibly funny. 

I just discovered that this is the second Mitchell book. I love this book so much that I am actually buying a copy of it and the first book named Mitchell’s License!


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