Swan for the Money Is a Fun Read

I have never considered swans overly threatening since I have mostly viewed them from a distance.  From far away they seem quite elegant and the epitome of grace as they glide across the water.  In fact, at one point in my teenage years, I liked the way swans looked so much that I practiced drawing them.  After reading Swan for the Money by Donna Andrews I might just have changed my mind.

Meg Langslow does not know how to say no.  It’s a proven fact, so when anyone wants something done they ask Meg.  It gets done, with or without a murder to distract from the doing.  So when the local rose show needs organizing do the rose growers do it themselves?  No, they ask Meg, and she obligingly organizes the best show ever while dealing with crazed gardeners and the most narcissistic woman she’s ever met.

Just before the show Michael takes off  to New York to see a former student’s way off-Broadway show.  Every time he calls she tries to ask him to get her a pregnancy test because the last time she tried to buy one everyone in town brought her presents and gave her congratulations and it was a false alarm.  But no one will know if Micheal buys one in New York, so every time he calls she intends to ask.  And every time they are on the phone just as she is about to ask someone walks up so she keeps asking for some kind of food – New York cheesecake, New York pastrami on rye, New York bagels etc.  It’s a running joke throughout the whole story.

While Michael is enduring the world’s worst play (or is it really a play?) and grocery shopping, Meg is trying to run a rose show.  It’s located on an estate owned by the eccentric Mrs. Winkleson, and everything is black, white, or gray, including the animals.  She even goes behind Meg’s back and tries to tell all the rose growers that the only roses eligible are white and black.  To make matters worse, she has a pair of aggressive black swans in the midst of mating season.  Animals are disappearing on her farm…

It’s only a matter of time before someone snaps and murders the woman.  And the suspects just keep piling up.  Will Meg be able to solve the mystery or will Mrs. Winkleson appear alive and healthy and make the murder that much harder to solve?  Just what are her animal welfare specialist, but still geriatric, grandfather and friend doing at the estate?

Most of all, does she ever get a chance to ask Michael for the pregnancy tests?

It’s a fun fast paced story.  It also has all the humor that Donna Andrews has previously displayed in her other books.  It’s hilariously funny in parts.

There are a few bad words but no explicit scenes.


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