The Intrigue Isn’t So Intriguing

A while back I read a book by Marion Chesney, named The Banishment, about a family of six daughters who lose their childhood home because of their father’s gambling.  It was a standard historical romance.  Girl wants home back so she decides to marry new owner, but falls in love with another man, who just happens to be rich also.  La la la… everything is great at the end cause the heroine learns to follow her heart.

Well The Banishment was just the first in the Daughters of Mannerling series.  I checked out The Intrigue, the second book, recently because the first was light-hearted and fun.  I don’t know why I expected a different plot.  Basically it is the same, except the dad dies, the owner is a different man, and the girls now have a governess.  If I read another in the series it will be only to find out who the governess really is because Marion Chesney infers that she is actually a noblewoman come to their rescue.  I would like to know who she is and why she’d rescue the spoiled brats from Mannerling.  

It’s okay.  There isn’t any terrible language or any explicit scenes.  Its still light-hearted and fun, but I won’t be reading the next one for a while so it doesn’t feel like I am reading the same book over.


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