Terri Blackstock’s River’s Edge

It’s been a while since I read the first two books of the Cape Refuge series, but I knew I had to read the third one when I saw it at the library.  River’s Edge, by Terri Blackstock, is the third installment, and it is just as gripping as the first two mysteries.  I really wanted to know if Cade and Blair ever officially got together.

The action in this book takes place within weeks of the end of the second book.  Cade is still recovering from his injuries when Lisa Jackson, wife of one of the mayoral candidates, goes missing.  He mobilizes his small police force, but no one can find her.  Until a psychic pinpoints her location, almost exactly.

All the clues point to Ben, her husband, but Cade isn’t satisfied.  The more he digs the more suspects he finds.   Blair does a fair share of investigating herself.  The solution was completely unexpected on my part.  I was shocked.

As all this is happening, Morgan and Jonathan are dealing with the possibility of losing Sadie and Caleb, since their mother might be released early for good behavior.  Morgan, in particular,  struggles with this potential loss because Caleb is like her baby since she still hasn’t gotten pregnant more than a year after the wedding.

Because this is a Christian mystery it doesn’t contain foul language or explicit scenes.  It does deal with some violence and substance abuse.  It was a suspenseful book.  The ending was completely unexpected, on my part.


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