Stork Raving Mad

Donna Andrews has done it again with Stork Raving Mad.  It’s her 12th Meg Langslow mystery.  The fact that it is as fresh and as funny as the first in the series is quite an accomplishment.  What impresses me even more is that she had managed to give each book a title involving birds.  I love her sense of humor.

When we last saw Meg she and Michael, her husband, were trying to get pregnant.  Their efforts have proven wildly successful because as Stork Raving Mad opens Meg is eight and a half months pregnant with twins, gender willfully unknown.  Pregnant and extremely unwieldy, Meg opens her home to the drama department when the college boiler breaks and the dorms become truly uninhabitable.  Let mayhem ensue!

The breaking point comes when an anti-drama  English professor and her administration cohort arrive on the scene to shut down a drama student’s graduate thesis production.  It’s not really a shock when the woman turns up dead within an hour.  (By the way, if I lived in this house and people kept getting killed there, I think I might move!)

Chief Burke arrives to take control of the investigation.  Of course everyone assumes Meg will be helping solve the crime, even if she is eight and a half months pregnant with twins.  Meg has other ideas however.  She just wants to rest, eat, and go to the bathroom yet again.  No matter where she goes, even to take a nap, she keeps coming up with clues and information for the Chief.   Which will come first in this hilarious race against time, the twins or the solution?

I laughed my way through this book.  It tickled my funny bone.  While there might be a mild word or two, there definitely aren’t any explicit scenes to avoid.  What a fun book!


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