Ghost At Work

If you like mysteries and need a few laughs than Bailey Ruth Raeburn is just the sleuth for you.  She’s got an advantage over the average detective.  She can fly and go through walls.  Even better is her ability to eavesdrop without being caught.  Bailey Ruth is an emissary from the Department of Good Intentions, conveniently located in Heaven, and Ghost at Work is her first adventure.

Bailey Ruth returns to earth as an emissary to help a niece who is in a mess.  Kathleen is the preacher’s wife, and her world is about to be shattered when someone dumps a dead body on her porch.  Unfortunately it is a man she has motive to kill, along with many other people in town.  In her attempt to keep Kathleen from being involved in the crime Bailey Ruth breaks rule after rule in hilarious fashion.

Not only is Bailey Ruth a rule breaker, this is her first trip to earth in quite some time.  Technology has changed, and she is confounded by cell phones and computers.  Life will never be the same when Bailey Ruth is one the job.  Her poor supervisor keeps coming to retrieve her.  It is up to Bailey Ruth to spin her tales to convince him that she needs to stay until everything is resolved.

It is amusing, just mysterious enough to keep you reading, and well written.  Carolyn Hart doesn’t need to resort to foul language or explicit scenes to keep her readers involved.  I will definitely be reading more of Carolyn Hart’s mysteries.


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