Finally, The Rescuer

I have finally finished reading Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series.  I started reading it in December of 2013 and finished in April of 2014.  I think I exercised quite a bit of restraint on your behalf.  Before I started writing reviews I would have read the series in the space of a week or two, but I didn’t want nearly three solid weeks to be reviews of the same author.  It would be monotonous.  So I took my time and anticipated being able to read the next one.

The Rescuer is the last of the O’Malley series.  The book centers around Stephen’s life in this installment.  He’s been looking for something to fill the void since he lost his parents and his little sister.  Watching his O’Malley siblings accept Christ and find joy has only made him aware of how big the void is, but the death of his sister Jennifer is really the final straw.

After Jennifer’s funeral Stephen leaves everything behind.  He takes a leave of absence from his paramedic job and drives away, going nowhere fast.  He spends months relaxing, fishing, and staying in touch with his siblings and Meghan, a blind friend from his childhood.  He still has not discovered anything to fill the void.

Eventually he decides it is time to head home and figure out his life.  At first he splits his time between Chicago and Silverton, where Meghan lives.  Eventually he decides to leave Chicago permanently and start a carpentry business.  He wants a future with Meghan, but she refuses to be more than friends because he isn’t Christian.  Obviously he chooses to by the end of the book and they fall in love; that is a given in a romantic suspense novel.

This book has a much slower feel to it than the previous ones, and it is only appropriate since the action is in a small town.  It doesn’t drag or get boring because there is another plot line involving vandalism, jewel thieves, and murder.  Of course some of the O’Malley siblings get involved in solving everything.

It’s a good book.  The plot is solidly good.  The characters burrow their way into your heart until you laugh with them and cry with them.  The language is clean, and there aren’t any explicit scenes.  The only thing I am disappointed about is the fact there probably won’t be any more O’Malley books.  It’s like losing a friend.


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2 Responses to Finally, The Rescuer

  1. sheraz2011 says:

    I really felt that way, too, about losing a friend. I totally enjoyed this series. It was well done. I have re-read them several times. 😉

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