Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea

I learned something interesting when I read this book.  Maybe I am the last person on earth to know about it… There is a sub-genre of mysteries called cozy mysteries.  Apparently I really liked cozy mysteries without even knowing they are a thing.  Now that I know, I feel awfully intelligent!

Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea is a great example of a cozy mystery.  (Did you click on that link yet to find out what a cozy is? Or did you already know?)  Nancy Atherton has written another fun-to-read book in her Aunt Dimity series.  In fact this is the eleventh book in the series.

Lori’s husband bundles her and the twins off on an impromptu trip when he begins to receive death threats that mention his family.  It’s something of a shock when she is taken to a large castle on a small island in the Scottish Islands.  Even removed as she is from society in general Lori manages to sniff up a mystery or two to solve with the help of her intimidating body-guard Julian.  Thankfully she isn’t attracted to him like she has been other men in the other books!

Sir Percy Pelham is the owner of the castle and Laird of the island.  Julian and Lori both feel that something is off about the island, but they don’t connect the dots until Harry Peters and his girlfriend show up and explain what they’ve observed.  The mystery involves a huge conspiracy dating back decades.

Just when Lori feels like everything is solved the death threats become all to real.  Will she be able to find the would be killer before it’s too late?

You’ll have to read it to find out!

Nancy Atherton keeps things clean in this book.  There aren’t any explicit scenes and I’m pretty sure there isn’t any swearing.  If there is it is definitely the milder type of words being used.

If you haven’t read any Aunt Dimity books you really ought to give them a try.


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