The Real Macaw

The Real Macaw, by Donna Andrews, is the eleventh book to feature Meg Langslow at her mystery solving best.  I do believe it is also a cozy mystery, which I just had to add since I now know about the term.  Like the ten previous books, The Real Macaw is hilarious and a page turner.

It’s two o’clock in the morning when Meg hears the noise.  She is upstairs in the nursery, feeding one of the four-month old twins, when the meowing and barking begins.  When she rushes downstairs to shut off the television, she discovers her living room full of live animals.  Dozens and dozens of cats, dogs, and assorted other animals are chewing on her furniture and peeing on the rugs.

Where there are animals, her grandfather and dad can’t be far behind.  They sheepishly admit that they’ve burglarized all the animals from the county shelter because a kill policy has been instated to deal with over population.  They are waiting for their confederate with a big truck to show up to transport all the animals.

The Chief of Police shows up instead.

So in between the feedings and diaper changing, Meg has a mystery to solve that involves a womanizing furniture store owner, a macaw, and a county official desperate to save the county finances.

The plot is hilarious.  I did not guess the identity of the murderer.  The ending was spectacular.  In fact it might just rank up there as one of my favorite Donna Andrews books yet.

Like all of her other Meg Langslow mysteries, this book hasn’t any explicit scenes and only a very few mild words.


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