Some Like It Hawk

Can I just say that I hope Donn Andrews’ comic genius never runs out of birds to build a Meg Langslow story around.  There must be thousands of species…  She’s done it again with Some Like It Hawk.  It’s witty and inventive.  It’s wildly funny in parts.  Sigh!  I know I am reaching the end of the Meg books, and it has me a trifle depressed when I think about it.  Although I do brighten up a bit when I think about her computer series I haven’t even started!

In the last book Meg discovered that Mayor Pruitt had mortgaged the county buildings and the lender was foreclosing on them.  Everyone moved their offices out of the buildings before it was too late.  Except Phineas Throckmorton, as we discover in Some Like It Hawk.  So many thanks to Chris Cowan for asking Ms. Andrews if everyone moved out because her questions generated this hilarious book.  It might even be my favorite one.

A year after the foreclosure there is still one stalwart county employee camping out in the County Courthouse, now owned by First Progressive Financial, otherwise known as the evil lender.  Mayor Pruitt has absconded with a bunch of cash and Randall Shiffley is now the mayor.  He’s the first non Pruitt mayor in 100 years.

Caerphilly County is hosting Caerphilly Days in the town square as the book opens.  It is a county fair type of affair that has lasted for quite a while, and a noisy one at that.  It’s all because of Phineas Throckmorton, the county clerk, who has barricaded himself instead the courthouse basement with all the county records.  He’s been there for about a year, and the evil lender is desperate to get him out and cut off his supplies.  Only they can’t figure out how he is getting them.

Most of the townspeople know, and they aren’t telling.  Instead they are hosting Caerphilly Days with the noisiest demonstrations and acts imaginable.  Of course Meg is up to her neck in all the conspiracies.  It’s hilarious!  I am not going to write more because it will give the plot away, and this is one plot you need to read without being forewarned.  You won’t be disappointed.

As in all her other Meg Langslow mysteries, there is not any kind of explicit scene and only the mildest of words.  If you haven’t started this series, you really need to!


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