Yeehaw, Aunt Dimity Goes West

Put on your cowboy hat and spurs folks.  We’re headed to the Wild West in Aunt Dimity Goes West by Nancy Atherton.  Lori Shepard is back and definitely unready for adventure in this book.  It’s only been months since her last adventure in Scotland, but Lori is a nervous wreck.  She can’t sleep because her dreams are haunted by the man who almost succeeded in killing her.

So Bill packs her, the twins, and their nanny off to Colorado to recuperate in the clean mountain air.  Of course Lori makes sure she has her blue journal and Reginald along for the ride.  Things are going well,and Lori is finally sleep when it turns out that they are staying in a haunted house and everyone they meet looks just like someone at home.  When the twins begin swearing and insisting that they learned the words in their playroom Lori smells a mystery.  It’s up to her and Aunt Dimity to solve the mysteries.

It’s a fun little cozy mystery great for some light reading or to take your mind off things.  I enjoyed Lori having an adventure in America for a change.  She hasn’t had one in the USA since she met Bill in the first book.  I didn’t enjoy that she was back to her old tricks of being attracted to another man, this one much younger than her.  At least she didn’t almost cheat on her husband.

It’s clean.  You can recommend it to your mom or your kids.


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