Chill with Merry Merry Ghost

Bailey Ruth is back in her second adventure in Merry Merry Ghost by Carolyn Hart.  After the mishaps and the shenanigans of Bailey Ruth’s first mission to Adelaide Oklahoma, she was sure that Wiggins would never send her back as an emissary.   But now it is Christmas time and there’s a little boy in trouble.  It’s up to her to save the day.

Bailey Ruth gets back to earth just in time to see a little boy be dropped off on the porch of the richest family in town.  It’s her job to make sure that he is taken care of, she thinks.  Wiggins didn’t have enough time to explain everything properly.  She does a pretty good job of protecting Keith.  He is apparently the long-lost (and unheard of) grandson of Susan.

Bailey Ruth’s job gets a little harder when someone murders Susan before she can change her will to reflect the new reality of her family.  The suspects are few, but the motive is entirely too strong since all of them expected to inherit a great deal of money.  Bailey Ruth sets out to reveal the truth and the killer with the help of Chief Price.  She tries to break as few of the precepts as she can when catching the killer.

It’s a really fun read.  Bailey Ruth manages to get herself into some humorous situations, and her shattering of the precepts always comes with an argument that stumps Wiggins to no end.  It’s really quite funny.  Some of it is quite touching.  Even though it centers around Christmas, it is readable all year-long.

This is another cozy mystery, so there isn’t much if any foul language or any explicit scenes.


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