God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen is a book written by Dorothy Cannell that is not part of her Ellie Haskell series.  It’s been a while since I read one of Dorothy Cannell’s book.  I was on an Ellie Haskell kick last December when I was sick and desperate for escape fiction because almost nothing is worse than being sick the three weeks leading up to Christmas.  As much as I love the Ellie Haskell books I was ready for a change when I felt better.  So it has been a long time since I read a Dorothy Cannell mystery.

God Save the Queen was a refreshing light read several weeks ago when a part of my world fell apart.  When I get really stressed I love to read fun books, and this book was just what the doctor prescribed.  It is a very light-hearted cozy mystery with a touch of romance.  It took my mind off my problems for a few hours (I’m a very fast reader!) and gave me a break from the vicious circle of my thoughts.

The Amazon synopsis says the following:

At gloomy Gossinger Hall, where the chill of centuries calls for three sweaters, Sir Henry Gossinger has just dropped a bombshell. After hours of unexplained penance on his knees in the chapel, he has announced to his unwitting relatives that he has announced to his unwitting relatives that he has written a new will…bequeathing everything to his devoted butler, Hutchins. Not since the days of George III, when roguish Sir Rowland Gossinger was accused of stealing the queen’s silver tea strainer, has such a scandal threatened the family honor. But worse is yet to come.

“For Hutchins is missing, and it soon becomes apparent that the only thing the distinguished butler will inherit is a place in the cemetery. Found head down in the principle fixture of the twelfth-century privy, he may have been the victim of foul play. And what could Hutchins have meant by his dying words, “God save the Queen”?

“To Flora, the deceased’s sweet young granddaughter, Hutchins’ death is a tragic loss. Raised by him in Gossinger Hall, she remembers her grandfather’s dedication to the noble Gossingers–including Sir Henry’s social climbing wife–and all the stately legends he told her over the silver polish. Only a new life in London, and the kindness of Vivian Gossinger, nephew and former heir to Sir Henry, can ease her pain.

“Yet soon Gossinger Hall’s history of treachery and intrigue–topped by the ongoing rift with the Royal Family regarding the long-lost tea strainer–casts its shadow over Flora. And suddenly she finds herself caught in a murderously tangled web, where even a familiar face could hide the heart of a cold-blooded killer.”

Okay, that doesn’t really sound that light, but it is.  I’d enjoy this book any day.  If you like cozy mysteries than you will probably enjoy God Save the Queen.  I do not think it has any foul language and definitely no inappropriate scenes.

Have you read any books lately that helped you through a rough patch?


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