I’m Not Dead… Yet!

I am sure that most of you think I dropped off end of the earth a few months ago. Actually something worse happened.  My computer had a virus and quit connecting to the internet.  If that wasn’t bad enough, my keyboard wasn’t functioning well either.  How can a blogger live without a computer?  See, I told you it was worse than dropping off the end of the earth!

cartoon from spywared.com

Okay, I know it doesn’t take two months to fix a computer or buy a new one if you are too desperate to wait for the repair shop to wipe everything off and reinstall your programs.  But, it was a glorious summer to unplug our children from most electronic devices and create memories.  Until August began it wasn’t overly hot.  We had family come in for a couple of weeks.  Fabulous.

And the real truth is that I didn’t have a lot of reading time.  My husband decided to surprise me and started on a renovation that we have put off for seven (gulp, Seven!) long years.  And like all do it yourself home projects it metastasized into more and bigger projects.  Honestly, we still haven’t finished it completely.  Now school has started, and I have more time to read.

photo from mint.com

Wahoo!  Time to read!?!  I’ve been enjoying it to the hilt!  So get prepared, because I’m not dead (yet!) and some book reviews are on the way beginning with Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover (Apparently she isn’t dead either and a new book came out!) on September 3.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to my fellow Americans!


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I love to read books and blog about whatever strikes my fancy. I get plenty of blogging inspiration from my family and life itself. Check it out my different blogs!
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