The Skeleton in the Closet

The Skeleton in the Closet is my favorite M.C. Beaton book yet.  I read several Agatha Raisin books during the summer and came to the conclusion that they are more or less the same book with a few different plot twists.  Agatha finds a mystery solve, longs for love, and generally doesn’t learn enough from her experiences to change for the better.  I enjoyed them because some of the situations she gets in are outrageously funny.

The Skeleton in the Closet is not an Agatha Raisin.  As far as I can tell it is the only book with these characters.  I haven’t really looked into it yet.  I would not mind more books featuring this pair, however.

Fellworth Dolphin is a forty-year old virgin who has spent his life under the thumb of his parents.  Instead of going to university he had to get a job to support his parents.  Things get worse after his father dies.  Then one day he comes home from his job as a waiter to find his mother dead.  Instead of sorrow he feels a vast sense of relief.

Then he discovers that his mother left him a comfortable fortune.  Delighted but confused, he begins to spend.  One day after bumping into Maggie, a waitress at the same hotel, he invites her to be his roommate and they begin to build a life together in his parent’s house.

But doubts about the money begin to arise when they find a cash box with fifty thousand pounds in it.  Where did it come from?  Then they find out about a train robbery several decades earlier.  Did his father help?  He was a train employee.  As they investigate they run into all sorts of trouble and people.

Can they discover the truth and each other before it is too late?  If you have read any M.C. Beaton you know the answer to that, but it’s still fun to read.  I believe there were a few instances of foul language, but thankfully the bedroom stuff stays behind doors.


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