Gawgon and the Boy

By now you are probably well aware that I occasionally read children’s books for pleasure.  Sometimes I read old favorites, and other times I find new (to me) books.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I grew up reading Lloyd Alexander.  I watched Disney’s The Black Cauldron, which led me to the even better books.  I suppose that Lloyd Alexander was my first taste of fantasy books.

Gawgon and the Boy is not one of his fantasy books, other than the Boy’s flights of imagination.  Instead it is a very heart warming tale of an eleven-year-old boy who is too sick to go to school during the Depression.  When David becomes ill he doesn’t go to school.  Not really a sacrifice on his part!  When he begins to recover the doctor tells his parents that he needs to stay home and recover his strength.  Wahoo!

Life is good until he gets caught sneaking into the movie theatre with two other little boys.  Suddenly the Amazing Invisible Boy became very visible.  His parents decided to get him a tutor.  What makes it even worse is that his great-aunt Annie, whom his Aunt Rosie has named Gorgon, says, “Give me the boy.”  After some hemming and hawing, that is exactly what they do.

So begins the adventures of the Gawgon and the Boy.

This story made me laugh, and it made me cry.  It is a must read.  I will be adding it to the list of book my two oldest children have to read.  If you can’t find it at a library, it is worth buying.  It was previously published as The Fantastical Adventures of the Invisible Boy.



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