Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day

Will wonders never cease!?!  My library actually did have a copy of Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day, and it was available when I went.  Hooray for me!

Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day is the latest novel by Ann B. Ross.  It is not a continuation of the Miss Julia series, so I still don’t know the results of the election (Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover).  Instead it is a look back at three days in the life of Etta Mae before she and Miss Julia actually became friends.

The book is hilarious!  At one point I laughed so hard that I couldn’t see the pages, and I continued to laugh for pages!  To be perfectly honest, I think people who have read most of the Miss Julia series will appreciate the humorous situations far more than someone who reads this as an introduction to Miss Julia or Etta Mae, for that matter.

Etta Mae is delighted with herself.  One of her rich clients (she is home health care giver) has fallen for her and wants to marry her.  She is willing because she thinks having his name is going to give her more respect, as well as make him extremely happy.  She shares her secret with one person.

Unfortunately for her, the friend calls the son of her future husband,  He and his wife coming tearing up to town to put an end to any nuptials.  Etta Mae gets fired.  Then her first ex husband comes to her trailer asking for her to protect him and let him stay at her place.  Then she gets burgled and worse…  All in the same day!  It really is the worst bad-luck day.

Thankfully she is plucky and determined to carry the day and marry the man.  It leads to all sorts of fun for the reader.  Warning:this book will cause belly laughs so don’t read it with lots of people around.  Now I want to figure out just which Miss Julia book this coincides with so I can reread it because I remember a little bit of what happens, but I’d like to get Miss Julia’s point of view on a thing or two.

Because it is told from Etta Mae’s point of view there is quite a bit more language than you would normally find in a Miss Julia book.


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