A Moment in Time

In a recent post I bemoaned the fact that Tracie Peterson’s book A Sensible Arrangement ended with so many cliff hangers.  I wanted to know what happened, and I was positive that my library didn’t have a copy of the next book.  It’s a small town library with a small budget so it takes a while to get books sometimes.  Since my book budget is even smaller than the local library’s budget I have a hard time justifying a bunch of kindle purchases.

But joy of joys, I found A Moment in Time in the new book section.  I felt like sending flowers to the library director because the last two brand new books I wanted were there when I looked for them.  That’s unheard of success for me.  Hooray.  I love my local library!  At least, for the moment…

Oh, hahaha…  This is a moment in time when I love my local library.

A Moment in Time picks up where A Sensible Arrangement ended, more or less.  Some time passes, but it doesn’t affect the story line at all.  Because this a series called Lone Star Brides, and Marty got married in the last book, Alice is the heroine of this book.  She was Marty’s maid and friend is the first book.

Alice is still being hounded by Mr. Smith for her father’s personal papers.  The financial crisis is hitting the Denver community like a ton of indiscriminate bricks and everyone’s future is up in the air.  Jake wants to go back to Texas, Marty is determined to never go back, and Alice just wants relief from her past.

In the meantime, back in Texas, Marty’s nephew is being pressured to finally marry Jessica Atherton, the girl picked by his mother.  He hasn’t ever proposed because she is like a little sister to him.  The fact that they have nothing in common doesn’t bother anyone but him.

I think that you can see where this is headed.  It’s a historical romance so basically you can put two and two together and figure out who falls in love.  But just because you can figure that out doesn’t mean you should skip this book.  It’s a really fun read with enough mystery and adventure thrown in to make it rather exciting.

It’s also a Christian romance so it is squeaky clean.  Thank goodness!  I personally appreciate that faith is an integral part of the lives of the characters.  Even though they are fictional characters it is fascinating to see them learn to rely on the Lord and try to be good.  It’s also great that Tracy Peterson can portray this struggle without being overly preachy.

I am still waiting for the third book so that all of the loose ends can be disposed of neatly.  I have a fairly good idea of the outcome, but I don’t have a clue how the author is going to tie it all up.  The next book comes out on September 30, 2014 (yep, just a few days from now!) so hopefully my wait won’t be long.  Here’s hoping my library gets a copy right away!


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