Land of the Lone Star Series

I decided to do this Land of the Lone Star series a little differently because I am not sure that you guys want a solid week of Tracie Peterson reviews.  In addition to that, the two I have already reviewed take place before this particular series with some of the same characters.  It was a bonus when I discovered that.

The first of the three books is Chasing the Sun.  The series is set in Texas at the end of the Civil War and the next few years.  It is the story of Hannah, the older sister of Marty in A Sensible Arrangement.  Her father has moved them all to Texas to a ranch the Confederacy has given him in return for services rendered.  He travels back to their home to take care of his sick mother and leaves Hannah in charge of the ranch.

Hannah is managing the ranch and her younger siblings just fine until the ex-Union soldier named William arrives and claims the ranch as his own.  It’s a nightmare for Hannah.  The Comanche Indians are on the warpath, his father has been gone forever, an older gentleman is pressuring her to marry him, and now someone else is claiming the ranch is his.  What’s a girl to do?

It’s fun, romantic, and interesting.  Well worth the time to read it.

The second is named Touching the Sky.  It is the story of Laura Marquardt and Captain Brandon Reid immediately following the Civil War.  Her family supported the Union during the war.  He was a Union officer.  But their introduction left a terrible impression on both.  Will they be able to overcome their aversion for the sake of her family?

This wasn’t really a fun book in the same way the first was.  The material is a little darker with some pretty tense moments.  There were comical moments, and it was entirely appropriate, but fun isn’t a good adjective.  It was harder for me to put this one down.

The third book, Taming the Wind, is the final book in the series.  It is the story of Carissa Lowe, sister of Laura, and Tyler Atherton, friend of William and Brandon.  Carissa and her daughter come to stay with her sister while their parents are traveling.  Tyler, who remembers Carissa from their previous encounters, keeps coming to visit her.  Carissa has vowed to never marry again, but God and Tyler have other plans for her.

When Tyler leaves, Carissa has to learn to open her heart to both God and Tyler.  She has to rely on her faith to survive the long months on Hannah’s ranch.  Will she be willing to risk her heart yet again?

This was also not quite as fun as the first.  The subject matter was a little deeper as it dug into learning to lean on the Lord instead of our own understanding.  It is something that every Christian can appreciate because we all have to do it.

I think that the Land of the Lone Star series is very much worth reading.  I read all of them in a day in a half because I loved the stories so much.  They are Christian romance, but there is enough history and action in them to satisfy any reader.


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3 Responses to Land of the Lone Star Series

  1. D.L. Kamstra says:

    This post just made me even more excited for Tracie Peterson’s new series (I haven’t read any of them yet), but I have read The Land of the Lone Star series and loved every single page of all three books. I didn’t know that the two series were connected, thanks for pointing that out!

    • karenspath says:

      The third book in the Lone Star Brides was supposed to come out yesterday. I haven’t checked yet, but I really want to know how she wraps it all up. You might have to take a break from your writing to read them…. Ahem, just kidding. I don’t want to be a “bad” influence. 😉

      • D.L. Kamstra says:

        More like I would need to take a break from my regularly scheduled reading… But I will get to them, just probably not quite as soon as I want to, that’s the problem with so many good books out there…

        Also, if you have a kindle, there are quite a few Tracie Peterson novels for free and a couple that she cowrote. I think I’ve read all of them, and enjoyed each and every one, although some a bit more than others. Unfortunately, they are all the first book of a series, so then your reading list will grow even more 🙂

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