Agatha Christie’s Lord Edgeware Dies

I have been a fan of Agatha Christie since I read my very first Miss Marple story.  It has been so long since I read it, but I still remember that it was The Body in the Library.  I think I have read most of her books, if not all of them, since that time.  In fact I have read most of them multiple times.

I just finished reading Lord Edgeware Dies for the second time.  I did not think that I remembered it all that well, but I must have remembered it better than I thought because I figured out who did what way before Hercule Poirot did.  There were two or three things that were dead give aways to me.  But like I said this was at least the second time I have read it because I usually am as dense as Captain Hastings and have to have Hercule Poirot explain everything.

The action begins when Lady Edgeware  pleads with Poirot to intercede with her husband.  She is anxious to marry someone else, but he won’t give her the divorce.  She goes on and on about how much better it would be if he was to die.  She even says she’d like to get in a taxi and drive over to his house and bump him off herself. Dangerous words to say in front of an internationally acclaimed detective.

A few days later Lord Edgeware dies.  In fact, he is apparently foully murdered by Lady Edgeware, who arrives in a taxi and sends in her name.  What an open and shut case!

Until it is proven that Lady Edgeware has an alibi.

Can Poirot solve the mystery before the killer strikes again?

It’s a lovely piece of Agatha Christie.  I love how she writes because her writing style engages my mind.  She is not an author with whom you skim passages to get to the action.  Any Agatha Christie is an intellectual treat to read, even if you are as lost as Captain Hastings.

If you call yourself a fan of mysteries, and you have never read this book – Well, find a copy of it and start reading.  Agatha Christie books are MUST READS!

What is your favorite Agatha Christie?


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