Halloween Party Give Away!

That’s right.  The Beauty of Books is getting into the party spirit and having a give away!  Halloween time is the perfect time to settle in for a good spooky read, and maybe even eat a few sweet snacks.  After all, candy is on sale everywhere at the moment.

What better way to get into the swing of the season than with your very own brand new hardbound copy of Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party!  I’d throw in some apples for apple bobbing, but I suspect that they wouldn’t survive shipping well.

When the young girl Joyce announces at the Halloween party that she has seen a murder committed, no one pays any attention.  She is a notorious liar.  In fact everyone pays so little attention that it comes as a shock to them all when she is found dead, drowned in the tub they used for apple bobbing.  (Now you see why I’d throw in some apples if it was possible!)

Mrs. Ariadne Oliver is so horrified that she calls in her friend, and sometimes colleague, Hercule Poirot to discover why anybody would want to kill the child.  He patters around the countryside in his patent leather shoes talking to people here and there to discover why Joyce would be murder to cover up a murder that never even happened.

It’s a brilliant story from beginning to end.  I’ve read it many times, and every time I do it gives me the chills.  Agatha Christie was a master at crafting believable, bone chilling mysteries that illustrate just how far some people are willing to go to get their way.

To be entered to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me who your favorite author is and why.  The winner will be announced in one week on October 17th.  Good luck to you all!

Please feel free to share this on your blogs and facebook pages.  The more the merrier, or spookier, as the season ditates!


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6 Responses to Halloween Party Give Away!

  1. Linda says:

    I love Charlotte Bronte’s book, Jane Eyre. Since I love so many authors I guess picking my favorite book narrows it down for me. Agatha Christie is another one of my favorites!

    • karenspath says:

      I’ve read Jane Eyre several times. I’ve never been able to forgive Mr. Rodchester for the mad wife in the attic while he was wooing Jane… I’m always so indignant for her! 🙂

  2. sheraz2011 says:

    I have too many favorites…can I make more than one comment?? LOL J/K

    Some of my favorite authors to relax with would be Dee Henderson (O’Malley series), Patricia Veryan, Louis L’Amour, Dorothy Sayer ‘s Lord Peter series, Brock and Bodie Thoene (The Zion Covenant), Elizabeth Peter (Amelia Peabody series), Mary Higgins Clark, Robert Louis Stevenson…..

  3. mismymo says:

    The first ‘real’ book I ever read was “Ann of Green Gables”. I still enjoy that series. At one time I read every Pearl Buck novel I could get my hands on. The same with Willa Cather. I have enjoyed Louis L’Amour, and most of the above mentioned, too. Lately I have totally enjoyed Joy Hakim’s “History of Science” series. And I found Jan Karon’s Mitford series absolutely delightful.

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