Louis L’Amour’s Killoe

I am a big fan of Louis L’Amour.  I have read most of his books.  It all started in my early teens when I got bored.  I think my mom finally told me to go and find something to do after I complained.  I wandered around and ended up in front of my Dad’s bookshelf full of Louis L’Amour books.  I was desperate so I looked through them and choose one.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

I like Zane Grey for the most part, but I haven’t really read too many other westerns outside of those two authors.  I remember reading one or two by another guys and not caring for them.  When I need my western fix I know that Louis L’Amour is a guaranteed success.

I recently read Killoe.  I started it late in the day, and when it was time for bed I mentioned to my husband that it was hard to put it down.  He asked me why since he is not really much of a reader.  My answer surprised him.  I said, “They’re on a cattle drive, and they just got attacked by Comanches and their cattle have stampeded.  The guy is all alone and he doesn’t know if anyone else is alive!”  Somehow my husband is always surprised when I mention things like cattle drive and stuff.  As a person who grew up in a huge metropolis, he doesn’t find anything like that remotely interesting.

Like I said, there’s a cattle drive, fights with Comanches and Comancheros, death, and a little soul-searching in Killoe.  It’s really a typical Louis L’Amour.  It’s a fight between good guys and bad guys in a western setting, with a little helping of the philosophical side of Louis L’Amour.  It’s a fun and easy read.

Like any Louis L’Amour there are a few instances of mild swearing and some violence.  I tend to skip a few paragraphs when there is a slugfest.

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2 Responses to Louis L’Amour’s Killoe

  1. mismymo says:

    Our whole family has enjoyed Louis L’Amour. We are so funny when we watch westerns… Invariably someone will say something like: “he’s sky-lining himself!” or “look at all the dust – every Indian for a hundred miles knows where he is” or “he’s looking right into the fire – the dummy”. I find L’Amour’s books relaxing because they move fast, the good guys almost always win in the end, and the romance is respectful and not the focus of the whole book. They are historically based. I have been in a lot of the localities the stories are set in so my imagination kicks in until I can smell the pines and almost taste the dust. lol But I, too, skip the paragraphs describing the ‘slugfests’ = ) I think my favorite Louis L’Amour is “Connager”


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