A Daughter’s Inheritance

I have to give a shout out to D.L Kamstra for suggesting this particular series to me.  She left a comment on my review of A Sensible Arrangement recommending The Broadmoor Legacy series by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller.  I finally got a chance to read the first book and I love it.  So a ig thank you to D.L. Kamstra.  She also reviews books, so if you haven’t checked out her blog click on the link above.

The first book is A Daughter’s Inheritance, and it is brimming over with inheritances, intrigue, and budding romance.  It is set in 1897 among the wealthy families of Rochester, New York and their summer resorts in the Thousand Islands.  Fanny is the only daughter of one of three sons.  Both of her parents die before she does, and she is raised by her grandparents.  When her grandfather dies he leaves her one-third of his fortune and under the care of one of her uncles.  Unfortunately for her, other people have designs on her money, and the only man she loves is a servant.  What is a properly bred girl to do?

The story is fast paced, with plenty of action.  The main characters are either loveable, entertaining, or plain evil.  Since it is inspirational fiction there is some emphasis on Christian living, but not very much.  I’d classify this more as a historical novel.

What I found so fascinating about the book, beyond the story itself, is how much research went into writing.  I had recently finished reading about the Vanderbilt family during the same era.  It is amazing to me how similar the lifestyles are in A Daughter’s Inheritance to the lifestyles of the Vanderbilt’s and their society.  The jealousy, mania over wealth and social prestige, and boredom are very realistically depicted.  Also mentioned are the fabulous houses the rich built in the area, including the Singer Castle shown below.  I am now wondering if the Broadmoor family is going to face the same decline as the Vanderbilts.  The money is being divided, they’re spending a lot…  Very Vanderbilt.

Singer Castle in Thousand Island (from Wikipedia)

Because it is a series, there are some cliff hanging situations.  Argh!  I have to go back to the library and find the next book.  What’s going to happen to Fanny, Amanda, and Sophie?!?

Have you read any good books lately?  I’m always open to suggestions.


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