The Whole Enchilada

If you like mystery and mexican food this books is for you.  Diane Mott Davidson has written 17 books featuring her caterer Goldy Schultz and her amazing recipes.  The latest book is The Whole Enchilada, and features some luscious sounding mexican food in the midst of a murder investigation.

Things take a wrong turn at the birthday party for Arch Korman, Goldy’s son, and his friend Drew when someone dies rather unexpectedly.  Talk about ruining a party!  You’d think Goldy would expect people to die every so often around her since this is her 17th investigation, but she’s ever an optimist.  Or else, Diane Mott Davidson keeps hatching up plots to keep Goldy going!

This time Goldy gets permission from her detective husband to do some poking around,  She also is blessed with the help of her best friend and a police escort to keep her safe.  Even with all this help Goldy manages to find herself in some pretty dicey situations as she investigates and cooks up a storm.  She needs to find out who the really murderer is before someone manages to take a slice out of her and her business.

It’s a fun read over all.  It’s a little bit more introspective than the previous books have been, which was a little different.  I was pleased to note that Ms. Davidson has stopped including so many foul words in her books.  There were still a few, but not nearly as many as she had in the books right in the middle of the series.

I will also admit that I did not guess the solution to the mystery.  In fact I was surprised.


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